Update from the July Police Interruption

New Building: The churches are continuing to serve the Lord. It is encouraging to see them continue on without us there.

Due to the recent events, the church thinks it’s wise to go ahead and move buildings before the lease runs out in October. They have been searching a for a new place to rent and have found one. They went ahead and put a down payment on it by faith. They have to pay the first four months of rent up front which is a total of about $967. The police took all of their savings away and most likely aren’t going to be returning it so they are without funds. They plan on taking up a special offering this weekend to help raise the money. If you would like to help this church (that is only a year old) rent a new building, you can do so by sending in a special offering. I will make sure all the funds will get into their hands. Mark all gifts for this as: “DGBC-China”

Why Persecution? One of the main reasons we are being pointed out and persecuted by the government is because of our refusal to join a government sanctioned church. If we would shut down our church and start to only attend the government sanctioned church, we would no longer be persecuted. So the question is asked, what is wrong with the government sanctioned churches? Why don’t you just attend their churches?

The answer to this question is simple, yet complex. It basically boils down to this: if we only participated in the government sanctioned churches and obeyed the rules they have in place, then we couldn’t, in good conscience, obey all of Scripture. Yes, we could worship, sing, pray, and be taught in freedom without fear of persecution, but we couldn’t be active in obeying the scriptures and living out the Christian life to its fullest. Therefore, to only take part in a government church and obey only them would mean that you are agreeing to be disobedient to the Scriptures. (Not to mention the churches who teach a false gospel, such as, baptismal regeneration or the prosperity gospel; although, not all government sanctioned churches teach a false gospel.)

Below is a document translated from Chinese that some house church pastors wrote to help clarify their position and why they don’t agree with the government sanctioned churches:


✪ 中国家庭教会对政府、宗教政策及三自的态度


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