Weekly Mind Dump: “Illegal Income”

✪ Our church that was raided by the police has switched locations and are now meeting in the new location.

✪ The guys from the church tried to get the church money back from the religious bureau since they confiscated it saying it was “illegal income.” The guys wrote a letter expelling their rights according to the law, but they were still turned down. So the government is NOT going to return the offerings of the churches. The total amount confiscated was: $3,880. This was all the money the churches had.

✪ Since the church needed to rent a new building they took up a special offering, were given back a small amount from the home owner, which together totaled about half of the $967 they needed to pay for three months rent. The other half we were able to provide through your giving.

✪ I also received a text message from one of the Chinese guys that another fellowship in the city heard about our problems and wanted to give the churches another $800 to help make up for the loss of money. Praise the Lord. After these two gifts, that still leaves the churches about $2,113 short of the offerings they had saved up. If you are wanting to help, there is still opportunity.

✪ The churches are still going in spite of the persecution. We are starting to limit our communication with the religious bureau since they don’t seem interested in helping us long-term.

✪ All of my family has received our new passports in the mail this past week. Now we are just waiting for the baby to come, this week Lord willing, and then once we have her birth certificate and passport, we can apply for new Chinese visas and head back to China. Lord willing, we will be heading back the first of September. Please be in pray with us about this.

Sunday night I was able to preach at Vision Baptist Church. We have enjoyed being here attending the church while we have been back. We have been rotating Sunday school classes getting to know the new faces since we were here last.

✪ Last week was really stressful and I was sick. I have Gilbert’s disease/syndrome so my eyes were bothering me, but I am doing better this week.

✪ Videos: Exit Interviews from Robert and Emma – Right before we came back we had a group from our home church come visit China. Listen to their testimonies as I interview them on a bullet train in China.

✪ Thank you for all your prayers and concern for our family and the work in China. God bless!

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