Weekly Mind Dump: Welcome!

✪ Welcome to the world to our newest little girl. She was born this past Wednesday morning. She is healthy and beautiful. We praise the Lord for giving us another child to care for and pray she grows up knowing Him.

✪ Welcome to the Project China Team Jonathan and family. This family is the newest addition to our team and we look forward to working with them in China. They are currently raising support, so if you are interested in having them in, let me know and I will put you in contact with them. This makes 6 families with our team. Who is next?

✪ We are on the count down to get back to China. It is all paperwork from here on out. We have to get a birth certificate, passport and then new visas for the entire family.

✪ Recently Read: The Reason for God – I really enjoyed this book. Keller has a way, just like C.S. Lewis, to illustrate his points in a way that is extremely helpful in understanding a deeper truth. I do have major concern with his beliefs on evolution/creation, hell, and some other confusing parts. So I have a love hate relationship with this book, I loved the majority of it, but hated the other parts. I would recommend this book for the more mature believer and will probably read it again. From the book: “Freedom, then, is not the absence of limitations and constraints but it is finding the right ones, those that fit our nature and liberate us.” [1]

✪ I was hoping to get ahead on my reading plan since we arrived in America, but I have gotten behind. The way I hope life to go during our trips back to the States is always different from what I plan. I guess that is to be expected. Good thing my youth pastor taught me to “adjust, adjust, adjust!”

✪ We are starting to book a few meetings in GA that are close to where we are staying (ATL). If you are close and would be interested in having us in on a Sunday night or Wednesday during August, please let me know ASAP.

✪ China Videos: 096 Food Market | 097 Driving Views

✪ Past Post: What is pinyin and why is it important? …Chinese characters are transcribed into latin script.

✪ Some of our missionary friends in North Africa were documented in the newest “Dispatched from the Front” series. It was great to see how the Lord is working there. You can watch the trailer and buy the DVD from here.

✪ Quick Prayer Request: (1) The baby to continue to grow healthy. (2) My wife to recover to full health. (3) Our documents to come in quickly so we can return on time. (4) Our return to China will be profitable. (5) More laborers.

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