Weekly Mind Dump: 7 years

✪ Monday was my 7th year of being married to my wonderful wife. For seven years, she has followed me around the world. She has given birth to four children and taken care of me. Thank you, my love, for giving me seven years. I am looking forward to the next 7 x 77 years!

✪ Visas: Our visas have been turned in to the embassy and waiting approval. We have done everything on our end that we know to do, and it is out of our hands. Please pray that we will be granted access back into China. (Several, even outside of our group, have been denied or had troubles with visas recently.)

✪ Sunday: I finished my last lesson on personal evangelism for the Single Focus class at our home church on Sunday morning. Sunday evening, I was able to preach and tell the stories of God’s grace in Covington, GA. Pastor Tony Howeth and his family are dear friends. Thank you, church family, for the opportunity to share with you all that God has done and is doing through our lives and ministry.

✪ Raising Needed Support: After redoing our budget and the new expenses due to the way we are going about our visas, we are looking at raising an additional 10% support. At our average rate of support that is about ten more new churches or increases by existing supporters. If your church is able, would you consider financially partnering with our ministry?

✪ Visa Expenses: With this unexpected trip back to the USA, plane tickets, the cost of getting all new documents, visas and paperwork to be able to return to China, we need to raise a one-time amount of around $2,000. If you can help with this need, we would be grateful.

✪ House Church Offerings: As we previously stated, the two house churches in our city had their offerings confiscated by the police because they saw it as “illegal income” when they raided one of the churches. They confiscated around $3,880, and we have been able to raise more than half of that, but they still need around $1,600. If you can give towards this, I know that it would be a blessing to the local house churches.

✪ Support Address: If you would like to help out with any of these financial projects or support, please send all donations to: Vision Baptist Missions, P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009. (Please note in the memo box what the financial gift is for.)

✪ Thank You! We could not do what we do without your help. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial gifts. You are a blessing to me and to those in China who are hearing the gospel for the first time.

✪ Recently Read: Dangerous Calling – This is a “be level” book that needs to be read by anyone in ministry or preparing for ministry. Tripp doesn’t hold much back and explains with firm grace many of the problems we can face in our calling and ways to get help. From the book: “It is a pastoral disaster when you have conquered the dark spiritual skill of sectoring your own heart, where it’s as if you are two separate people and the dark side doesn’t haunt you anymore.” [1]

✪ China Video: Dragon Dance in Dalian China – China in the Raw – (SD)

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