Weekly Mind Dump: Good to Go!

✪ Our visas have been approved! We are good to go! We will be leaving according to schedule, Lord willing. We are looking forward to returning home. We have all our paperwork, passports, and visas in hand. Praise the Lord!

✪ This past Wednesday I was able to give an update and preach at one of our supporting churches in Dawsonville, GA. Thank you church family for your continued financial and prayer support.

✪ Also, I was able to meet with the Pastor to discuss an opportunity that he is making available to us through a ministry that they have started and partnered with to get Chinese preaching into China via satellite. We are excited to see how this door of opportunity will work out.

✪ The opportunity is simple: We provide the Chinese preaching; they will take care of producing the videos and getting it aired in China via satellite. The opportunity is difficult: How do we get Chinese preachers in a studio for the proper quality of recording to use? Considerations: We are still considering the place, time, and finances of this opportunity.

✪ An extra benefit of this opportunity is that not only would the preaching be made available via satellite, but we could use the content on the internet, DVDs and even USB drives to spread the content around China. Please be in prayer about this.

✪ As we stated last week, we are raising funds for the following three areas: (1) 10% more support or around ten more churches to partner with us or increase their current level of support. (2) One-time cost of $2,000 to help cover the cost of the new visas and passports. (3) $1,600 for the house churches who had their offerings confiscated by the police.

✪ Sunday evening, we presented and preached at a supporting church in Atlanta, GA. They were an encouragement to us; especially those who let us know they have prayed for us. Thank you church family!

✪ China Video: 100 Fun at the Mall – China in the Raw (SD)

✪ Repost: Moving in China: Our Experience

✪ Pray for us as we prepare to return home this week. We have already said goodbye to many of our family members and will be working to get everything ready to head back. Thank you, we couldn’t do this without you!

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