Weekly Mind Dump: And Two Became One

✪ Beside being ridiculously busy, we have had a great time since our return to China. The Lord has opened many doors, and we are trying to be faithful with all the opportunities that we have while we have the chance.

✪ This past Sunday we had the first service of the two churches combined. It was an encouraging time, the attendance was up, the offering was up and everyone seemed excited to be meeting in our new building.

✪ The new building that we rented is the nicest building we have rented so far. I think it fits in better with the culture of the area that we are trying to reach. It also gives us room to expand our two Sunday School classes to four classes, including a kid’s class.

✪ I am studying the Bible with a new young man on Tuesday afternoon who is interested in being in fulltime ministry. His name is Alex. Please pray for him.

✪ Tomorrow, October 1st, is the National Day of the People’s Republic of China. That means everyone will be off work, out of school and traveling. And….fireworks.

✪ Pray for my health to come back. I’ve come down with a something in my throat the has gotten me down and made me lose my voice. It was hard to preach on Sunday night because I couldn’t raise my voice. I thought it would be over it by now, but it is not.

✪ This coming Sunday, there is a group of about 14 coming down from Harbin to visit the ministry here and be a help over the holiday. I asked the Chinese pastor to preach for us, so we are excited to hear from him.

✪ Please continue praying for Dalian Grace Baptist Church as it is still transitioning into a new building and merging Gospel B.C. into its church family.

✪ We are still raising money for the following to help the church during its first year: $4,800 – First Year’s Rent at $400 a month. (Can you give one month’s rent?); $308 – 44 Extra Chairs at $7 each; $150 – Nursery/Kids Tables, Chairs, Furnishings.

✪ We got word that a church gave $500 to help the churches who had their offerings confiscated and another church who is interested in taking us on for monthly support. Please continue praying with us about the following financial needs: 10% more personal/ministry support (about 10 new supporters); $2,000 to help cover the cost of the new visas and passports; $1,100 for the house churches who had their offerings confiscated.

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