Weekly Mind Dump: The Up & Down

✪ Ministry in China is having its ups and downs right now. We have made some big changes to help things go forward, and we are seeing growth, but not without hindrances. To know what I am referring to, read this: At a Crossroads – Prayer Needed!

✪ This past Sunday – Tuesday we had a great conference with a visiting pastor from Harbin and several Christians from the churches there. Over the three days, we had three services, two workshops and two evangelism outreaches. We are excited to see the fruit of this meeting.

✪ I have laryngitis. I almost completely lost my voice and was down just to a whisper. It has been over a week, and I am just now starting to feel somewhat better after trying to not speak for a whole day.

✪ One of the young men that we started training has really stepped up and started serving in the church as much as he can. I am excited about what God has in store for him.

✪ Today, I am 30. Boo.

✪ We are going to be traveling this weekend to take the baby and wife to their doctor’s visit. Pray for safety as we travel.

✪ I meet with the guys tomorrow to discuss what our next step is. Pray for them and me as we try to be obedient, wise and bold. We are using these two days to consider our options and pray for God’s will to be done.

✪ In the midst of “the ups and downs” of ministry in China can I send out a plea for the need of more labourers. We need more labourers to come, preach the gospel, train men and plant churches. Will you come?

✪ Here is a two-part series I published in October of 2011 called: Foreigners Are a Problem! Here is an excerpt: “I agree that foreigners are a problem, and I said on deputation that the biggest hindrance to missions in China is me, a foreigner. I have come to China to work myself, eventually, out of a job. Lord willing, I can see many national pastors raised up in the lifetime that the Lord gives me.”

✪ Summary of prayer request for this week: (1) Wisdom in making decisions about our next step. (2) My health to recover. (3) Safety in traveling over the weekend. (4) More labourers to come to China. (5) Dalian Grace Baptist Church as they go through the trail together.

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