Weekly Mind Dump: Exciting Times!

✪ It has been a busy week, and it is going to be an even busier week starting tomorrow! We have visitors come from the States and other parts of China to be with us for several days.

✪ Our pastor, his wife and some friends are coming over to China. We are excited about them coming and seeing the ministry, our people and this great city that we are privileged to work in. Please pray that their flights won’t have any delays because they arrive Saturday night, and my pastor is scheduled to preach on Sunday morning!

✪ Sunday is also exciting because we will be organizing the church. We have been preparing all the church documents (doctrinal statements, constitution, bylaws, charter, etc.) this week and getting things ready.

✪ We are also having some of our Chinese friends from another city coming in to be with us for this week before we head to their city for a special service on Wednesday.

✪ Then we will head to Taiwan to meet with our other Project China teammates and missionary families serving in Asia. After surveying Taiwan we will spend time together as a team for a couple of days. All of our “on the field” missionaries in Asia will be getting together. This is a crucial time because, over the next year, four new churches will be started in 3 different countries Lord willing!

✪ I have “fallen of off the wagon” of my reading plan. Going back to the States and then coming back to China and being overwhelmed hasn’t helped much. I think I am to far out to reach my goal this year.

✪ Recently Read: Crazy Busy: A (Mercifully) Short Book about a (Really) Big Problem – When I was first reading the book, it wasn’t what I was hoping it to be, as it seemed he was just describing a busy life without much antidote for the problem, but he really brings it all together in the last couple chapter. I enjoyed the challenge of the last chapter and thought it made the book. From the book: “If you are sick and tired of feeling so dreadfully busy and are looking for a one-point plan to help restore order to your life, this is the best advice I know: devote yourself to the Word of God and prayer.” [1]

✪ We got word that another church gave to help cover some of the cost for our visas and passports. Thank you so much!

✪ Pray requests for this week: (1) Pray for safe traveling for those who are on their way to China, starting early tomorrow (Friday) morning. (2) Pray they arrive on schedule. (3) Pray for God’s blessings on Sunday. (4) Pray for safety of the Chinese pastors traveling in. (5) Pray for wisdom as we strategize about what more we can do. (6) Pray for safety as we travel to Taiwan.

✪ I am so glad that Jesus loves me. I love Him.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mind Dump: Exciting Times!

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  2. Steve Dwire

    Thanks for the book recommendation. I’ve got quite a few books on my “To-Read” list, but right now life is just crazy bus… (ooops.)

    Looks like I need to make time for this one :-)


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