November 2014 Prayer Letter

We were excited last month about the decision to merge the churches together, our new building, and how everything in the ministry was going, then the police showed up at the church on a Wednesday morning. Since then we have had a whirlwind of emotions and many decisions to make. Each step we have taken, the Lord has given us wisdom. We praise Him for help in a time of need!

The Police: Only one of the young Chinese men was at the church when the police came this time, but they asked many questions, took some of our information and asked for a follow-up visit. After that followup visit, the police told one of the young men that we could keep having services like normal. We were thankful for this, but were still unsure of the decision since they didn’t know the identity of the foreigners involved. I stepped down as the pastor hoping that would help with any issues of foreigner involvement and had the young men teach in my place for a week.

After praying and thinking about what to do, we decided that the “new” location was going to be a problem because of neighbors and our noise level. We decided to look for a commercial space and the Lord open up a door at the first place we went to. We rented a new place and have met there since. The surrounding neighbors in our new location are businesses who usually don’t work on Sunday. This should help with causing problems with the neighbors.

The Move: Everyone was disheartened at first because we didn’t know what the plan was going to be. We spent about two weeks renovating our new building and taking the church in a new direction, doing things nicer than we have ever done them. It seems the Lord has His hand in all this because each time the police come we find a new, better and bigger location.

Giving Opportunities: We have been through a lot in just the couple of months since we have been back. We are using all of our support each month and would like to raise more. We are thankful for those who have recently partnered with us. Also, there are several one-time giving opportunities to help this young persecuted church: rent, extra chairs, renovations, and reimbursing the confiscated funds. You can contact me directly for more details. We couldn’t do what we do without you!

Church Organization: We officially organized into a local Baptist church. We had a great organization service where several of our people became founding members of the church, signing the church charter. Praise the Lord for continuing to work even through all the troubles!

Thank you for being a part of our team, Project China, with your prayers and financial support!

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