Weekly Mind Dump: Taiwan Edition

✪ Our pastor, his wife and several friends arrived on the 8th of this month and we have been going non stop since then.

✪ Currently, we are finishing up our trip in Taiwan. We will fly back to the mainland tomorrow.

✪ We have been visiting our teammates who are now in Taiwan getting setup, surveying the city and planning for their future church plant.

✪ Also, we were able to meet with several families over the past two days for an Asian meet-up for encouragement and training. It has been a great time.

✪ Before coming to China we spent the first few days in our city. We organized the church (more on that later) and had several days of teaching with the young men in the church and a few from Harbin.

✪ Then we went to Harbin for a special combined service of the three churches and more teaching of the young men during the day.

✪ The weather has changed drastically from each place, as we have travel, being as low as 7 degrees and going into the 70s.

✪ I have benefited greatly from my pastor’s teaching and I think the Chinese have too. It has been a huge help to have him here and I want to thank VBC for allowing him to be away for so long.

✪ I am typing this out on an iPad so please forgive me for the brevity and any errors. Longer updates to come about all that God is doing!

✪ I have enjoyed Taiwan and it is a great country with a great need of the Gospel. The door is open and I am glad to know men who are working to reach this country with the gospel! #prayfortaiwan

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