Church Organization (3 of 4) Who?

Who organizes a church? Jesus established the first church with His disciples and it was empowered on the day of Pentecost. Since then it seemed only natural that churches start churches. The church, as commanded by Jesus, has the authority to send out qualified men to make disciples through the preaching of the gospel, baptism and the continued teaching of the Scriptures. Once enough disciples are made in a certain place then a church can be organized.

Since I was the man who was sent out to make disciples (who was given the authority and blessing of his sending church to establish like-minded churches), I assisted the local believers in organizing into a church.

My Pastor was also there to help us with the organization. The authority of each local church is within each of the local churches themselves as they are ultimately organized under the headship of Jesus, submit to the authority of the Scriptures, and are guided by the Holy Spirit. A sending church is for accountability. Our home church has prayed for and assisted us in starting this new work and it is out of Vision Baptist Church that we started Dalian Grace Baptist Church. So it was an honor to be able to have him with is for this special day and the support of our home church as we became recognized as a Local New Testament Church.

He first preached and challenge the people and had all those who were willing to follow Jesus and become members of this church stand up. The first order of business was the church needed a pastor, and so he had them vote on me as the pastor. Once they voted me in; he turned the service over to me, and I continued with the organization process that we chose.

Also, we also had two Chinese pastors from other churches of like-faith that participated in the organization service. We were glad they could come for this time of celebration and commitment.

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