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One the things that I have learned through my short time in China, is that you can’t take the basics for granted. I think that truth flows over into many areas of life, but more specifically what I am referring to is the basic truths of Christianity are not prevalent among the Chinese.

Growing up in the States and preparing for ministry in the Bible belt, you can often take the basics for granted. We could go knock on doors and witness to people on the doorstep hoping that they would get saved in that one encounter. How is that possible? Because many already had a basic understanding and acceptance of Christianity. In China, this is not so.

Therefore, I wanted a more organized way to teach the story of Christianity. I looked at other lessons and material, but nothing fit exactly what I was wanting, so I made my own set of lessons. Besides wanting the core things, I also wanted something that…

  • …included lessons on the most basic truths.
  • …can be used with unbelievers as a starting place.
  • …shares the gospel in each lesson.
  • …is comprehensive, yet easy to understand and teach.
  • …organized and structured with purpose.
  • …is more than a basic or fragmented outline.
  • …is reproducible for others to teach.

This series is the result of this desire to have the following type of lessons. It is my feeble attempt to write a Bible course to be used to teach unbelievers the story of Christianity and to strengthen believers.

In this series, I am not trying to say anything new or creative. I am just trying to put down the basics in the best way that I know how and organize it in such a way that leads a person to faith in Jesus.

We now use this as the discipleship material for our church in China.

I used my Bible, other courses or lessons, books, suggestion from others, websites and whatever else as references and guides to write these. I did not try to plagiarise anyones material, but I am sure the language of those I was influenced by was carried over, especially my mentors. Each lesson has a similar style and length, although the specific outline style is lost with post it online in a blog format as opposed to a PDF.

I tried to write things down in the easiest possible way to understand it, as well as, answer many of the questions that the Chinese have asked me through my witnessing encounters. I know I have probably failed at this, but hope that it can be of use to others in spite of me.

I want to thank those who helped me with this project. Many who are unnamed have read these lessons, given advice and/or proofread them for me, correcting many of the mistakes. Thank you! I am sure we still missed something, nothing a little crowdsourcing won’t fix!

We hope to produce more lessons in the future. We are almost done with the third book at the time of this post.

With this being said, here is the introduction to Firm Foundations One, Christian Basics:

Understanding The Faith

Christianity is more than just one of the world’s religions; it is more than a collection of mystical and moral principles that help guide society to a more peaceful existence. Christianity rightly understood is based on the Bible; the Bible is truth. This truth reveals to us who God is and how we can have a right relationship with Him. The claims of Christianity are absolute. Therefore, a person must humbly examine these claims if they are wanting to discover the truth. In these lessons, we want to help you understand what our faith is really about.

Book 1, Lessons 1-10

This is the first book in our Firm Foundations series. This book covers the first set of ten lessons to help you understand the faith. These lessons are considered the basics of Christianity. The goal is to answer the many questions you have about Christianity and lead you to a proper faith in God through Jesus. These lessons include:

  1. What Is The Bible?
  2. What Is God Like?
  3. What Is The Trinity?
  4. What Is Man?
  5. What Is Sin?
  6. Who Is Jesus?
  7. What Is Man’s Final Destination?
  8. How To Be Saved?
  9. What Is A Disciple Like?
  10. I Recently Believed, What Is My Next Step?

About The Lessons

Each lesson has a main truth, a simple outline that supports it, Bible references under many of the points, and review questions at the end. These lessons are best used when a mature believer is able to guide you through them, studying one lesson per session.

Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4 | Book 5 |Book 6 | Book 7 | Book 8 |

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