Firm Foundations Two (12 of 55) Christian Life

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Most discipleship material that I have seen starts with the “next steps” in a believer’s life or comes at it from the perspective that a person is already a Christian. In our first book, we took a different approach and came from the perspective that a person didn’t have to be a Christian to study the lessons and we could use them to teach the story of Christianity. If a person was already a Christian then it would be used to strengthen them.

This second book now takes the perspective of the believer and all the lessons a geared towards the growing Christian. It follows the same style as the first book, so those who have completed it will find using this second book to be very familiar.

The last lesson of the first book does a quick overview of the truths a new believer should know, but this second book is given to go deeper and have a deeper look into the truths of the Christian life. It starts out with, “What Is The Holy Spirit Like?” because He is one of the biggest changes in a new believers life, He now resides in them! Then we continue from there, studying the different topics in a purposefully organized way, but that is not to say you can’t skip around if you are dealing with a different subject at the time (such as you can choose lesson 13 before lesson 12 if the person is getting baptized sooner).

Again, I want to thank those who helped me with this project. Many who are unnamed have read these lessons, given advice and/or proofread them for me, correcting many of the mistakes. Thank you!

With this being said, here is the introduction to Firm Foundations Two, Christian Life:

Applying The Faith

Faith in Jesus as Lord is just the beginning of the Christian life. Now that you have a right relationship with God through Jesus, you need to learn how to apply the truths of the Bible to your life and live out your new faith. As a believer, there are certain things you need to know about your Christian life and certain spiritual disciplines that will help you grow in your faith. As God continues the work in you that He has started and you respond in obedience, God will use you for His glory. In these lessons, we want to help you know how to apply your faith and start living for God.

Book 2, Lessons 11-20

This is the second book in our Firm Foundations series. This book covers the second set of ten lessons to help you apply the faith. These lessons are considered the basic applications on how to live out the Christian life. The goal is to clarify any confusion on what parts of Scripture should be lived out today. These lesson include:

  1. What Is The Holy Spirit Like?
  2. What Is The Local Church?
  3. What Is Baptism?
  4. What Is The Lord’s Supper?
  5. How Do I Study The Bible?
  6. How Do I Pray?
  7. How Do I Give?
  8. What Are Spiritual Gifts?
  9. What Is The Great Commission?
  10. How Do I Witness And Disciple?

About The Lessons

Each lesson has a main truth, a simple outline that supports it, Bible references under many of the points, and review questions at the end. These lessons are best used when a mature believer is able to guide you through them, studying one lesson per session.

Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4 | Book 5 |Book 6 | Book 7 | Book 8 |

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