Weekly Mind Dump: Hello 2015!

✪ The new year is here and moving fast! No time to slow down! All the festivities are just now taking off in China. The holiday, which is as big as Christmas in America… is in February in China. It is weird to see people put up Christmas type lights after Christmas instead of taking them down!

Not to bring 2014 back into the conversation, but I put together a picture review of our lives over the past 12 months. See it here!

✪ My wife has been a trooper over the past couple weeks. She has made huge meals for Christmas and New Years so that we could entertain people in our home. Also, she hosted other activities with the girls to reach out to them. She is pretty awesome! I couldn’t do it without her.

✪ We started a Kid’s English Bible Club on Saturdays. I teach the lesson and Bible verse, and my wife does the singing, crafts, and snack. I couldn’t take care of all these little humans without her help! We have had several people come that we had no relationship with before and had one kid cross over to the church services so far!

✪ Speaking of kids, I love my life with the three little humans God gave us. I walked in the door the other day and wondered what all these kids were doing in my house and then I realized they were all mine! Having all the different ages at the same time is fun!

✪ We finished the first three books in our Firm Foundation series, and they are being review in English and Chinese.

✪ The downside of the Chinese holidays coming up is that about 50% of our church will be gone for an extended period as they travel “home for the holidays.”

✪ Recently Read: Royal Priesthood Studies 101: Introductory Studies to the Priesthood of the Believer – This is a short study on the Priesthood of the believer and gives a clearer understanding of what is means, working its way from the Old Testament to the New. From the book: “Jesus Christ, through His priestly ministry, provided salvation unto all men. Those who receive Him, of both Jew and Gentile, become members of His family. Under the Old Covenant, the priesthood belonged to Aaron and his sons. Since believers, by faith, are part of Christ’s family line, they receive the ministry of the priesthood also.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: The Divorce Myth – I read this book as I was studying about marriage recently, and it caught my attention because He addresses all the main Bible passages on the subject and doesn’t shy away from practical questions. After reading it, I am not sure I agree with all of his conclusions, but it is worth the read to understand where his position is coming from. From the book: “Divorce results from the failure of two people to honor their mutual covenant to stay by one another’s side until death.” [2]

Exit Interview: Kanon as he leaves Taiwan/China.

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