Weekly Mind Dump: Fun In The Snow

✪ There is a snow park near our house where they make sledding lanes out of the snow. We finally went there yesterday, and we had tons of fun. The girls loved it, even though Sky learned a lesson about making snowballs without gloves on. :-)

✪ We had a great Sunday this past week. We have two new couples who are attending our church. One couple are new Christians, and the other aren’t Christians yet. I was able to teach on marriage, and I think everyone enjoyed it. I pray for our marriage to be a testimony of the relationship between Christ and the church.

✪ My wife is doing a great job with Sunday school. We are looking to get more people trained once everyone comes back from holiday.

✪ Recently, we have come back into contact with two people who we were working with a year or two ago. For some reason, we lost contact, but when we talked with them again they told us the good news that they had become Christians. Praise the Lord! We are just one stop on their path to knowing God. I am glad we get to be involved!

✪ I bought the church a piano for Christmas even though we didn’t have anyone who could play, praying that someone would see the need. Someone did, and we know have a piano player during our services.

✪ Music is important, so a man in the church hired a teacher to come every Tuesday night to teach our church people how to play different instruments. Right now we have guitar and piano!

✪ This past week gave me time to think about how much I love my wife. She does so much for me, and I don’t give her enough thanks for all that she does. She truly compliments me, and I am not whole without her. I love her so much!

✪ I started reading missions biographies with the kids. We are reading Hudson Taylor now! I want to pass on the passion!

Exit Interview: Jim & Autumn as they left Taiwan.

Pray for a young man named Kanon, who is coming to intern with us for six months to finish his training at the OGTC. We are excited about him coming! If you are looking for someone to support in short-term missions, then this would be a good investment. Write me for more details!

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