January 2015 Prayer Letter

We finished 2014 strong, we saw the church grow, and God is doing great things! We are so excited to see what God is going to do in 2015 as He continues to mold us into His image so that we can live holy lives that testify to His magnificent grace!

Christmas Friend Day: The Sunday following Christmas we had a friend day where everyone was encouraged to bring their friends to church to hear a clear presentation of the gospel. It was a success, and we had several first-time visitors. I preached the gospel as clear as I could, relying on the Holy Spirit, and many said they better understood the gospel afterward than before.

Get-togethers: The end of the year and the holidays always create a good environment to get together with friends and family. We used this time to invite our Chinese friends to our home. It was sweet time together, and we are thankful for the opportunity that God has allowed us to have to work among some of the greatest people in the world.

Kids’ English Bible Club: A new weekly outreach, which we started is the Kids’ English Bible Club on Saturdays. We need a way to meet families with kids, and this idea seemed to work perfectly. Every Saturday morning at the church we have a one-hour Bible club which includes a Bible lesson, Christian songs, a craft, snack, and a Bible verse to memorize for homework. We decided to do the Bible club in English as a way to draw people in who wouldn’t otherwise be interested. This has worked great so far, and we are meeting many new people. Most of the parents stay and listen to the lesson as well. So far, we have had 3-4 people start coming to the church services on Sunday because of it.

Church Update: The church is growing stronger, spiritually and numerically. The next couple of months will be a hard time for us because of the Chinese holidays. Most of the college students will leave us for a long period, and many families will be traveling. We are excited about preparing for everyone’s return in March.

Family Update: Our family is doing great. My wife and I have grown much closer. She is a huge help in the ministry even though she is busy with three beautiful little girls. Our girls a growing so fast and they are loving making friends and having them come to the church.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, and being a part of our team, Project China.

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