Weekly Mind Dump: Lots of Visitors!

✪ We had a great Sunday. Some of our key leaders were out-of-town because of a wedding, but we still had 11 first-time visitors. Some of them told us they really enjoyed the message and that they would be back next week! Praise the Lord.

✪ Also, we had the highest attendance we ever had at our Kid’s English Bible Club. We were very excited about that and the turnout we are having. Pray that we will see the kid’s and their parents turn from their ways and turn to the living God!

✪ Our two youngest were sick this past week with colds. My wife has lovingly taken care of them and been awesome just being mom. Please pray for my little gals.

✪ Recently Read: How Should I Live in This World?: 5 (Crucial Questions Series) – I really enjoyed this little book. It was helpful to see his explanation of ethics and then see how he applied it to different situations. I recommend the read. From the Book: “The Christian ethic is based on an antithesis between what is and what ought to be. We view the world as fallen; an analysis of fallen human behavior describes what is normal to the abnormal situation of human corruption. God calls us out of the indicative by His imperative. Ours is a call to nonconformity-to a transforming ethic that shatters the status quo.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: Found: God’s Will (John MacArthur Study) – This is my second time or so reading this book and it is a good short read. I like the simplicity of his argument. From the book: “Okay, let me give you the final principle, but hold on to your seat! You may want to jump up and shout! If you are doing all five of the basic things, do you know what the next principle of God’s will is? Do whatever you want! If those five elements of God’s will are operating in your life, who is running your wants? God is! The psalmist said, “Delight yourself in the LORD; and He will give you the desires of your heart” (Ps. 37: 4). God does not say He will fulfill all the desires there! If you are living a godly life, He will give you the right desires.” [2]

✪ Our middle daughter is funny. She is at an age where she expresses her emotions by announcing them. If I give her a present or we get a package in the mail, she says, “I’m going to be so excited.” Then if we are at a mall or place she likes, she promptly says, “This place is awesome!” or “This is great!”

✪ The China Ramblings! Facebook Page updates with all the new blog post, so make sure to like it! I deactivated my personal Facebook, so you will need to go this page for all the updates!

✪ Visa Prayer Request: The USA and China recently made an agreement to extend visas up to 10 years! This is a huge blessing and could save us thousands of dollars in the coming years if we are able to get a visa for this long. Please pray for wisdom on how to apply and that God would allow us to obtain the proper visa needed to do longterm work in China. We won’t need a new one until the end of the year, but we want to start praying now!

Exit Interview: Ben as he leaves Taiwan.

✪ Pray for my brother-in-law and his family (Josh, Meagan and kids) as they are raising funds to head to South Africa for a 6-month missions internship. Their Pastor (Tom) has done a great job training them in their local church and now they are taking the next step in their training before, Lord willing, they become full-time missionaries!

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