Weekly Mind Dump: God Is Working!

✪ We had another great Sunday. The Lord has blessed us with first-time visitors over the past two months. We are thankful for and trying to do the best we can with all that He is giving us.

✪ My wife also did a great job putting together a Baby shower for a family who is working in the church. They just had a son, and this was His first Sunday in church. The church members enjoyed it, since they never seen it before. They were moved in the loving way we as Christians treat each other.

✪ Please pray for our neighbor. My wife has been consistently witnessing to her. Her story is sad and she knows she is in need of God but thinks she has done too much bad and can only hope to do better from here on out. Last week, she invited my wife over for dinner during the time I have seminary class with the guys. Pray for more opportunities like this to be a witness.

✪ I couldn’t do my job like I do without my wife. She made a wonderful dinner so we could host a young couple in our home. They are new Christians and have attended the church for about 3-4 weeks now. They are praying about becoming members in the next couple of weeks. This will be our first husband-wife members. Most of our members, only one spouse is a Christian.

✪ Recently Read: Hudson Taylor: Deep in the Heart of China (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) – I started reading this series with my children. I have always wanted to make reading to them important, so what better to use than books about Christian heroes! (It keeps me and them interested.) I enjoyed the stories in this book about Hudson Taylor. I have read a lot about Taylor, and this book did a great job of not over-spiritualizing him and presenting him as someone you could relate to. It obviously can’t cover everything, but I enjoyed the way it was organized, it’s focus and easy readability. From the book: “He knew he needed to learn to trust God in a new way and see Him answer his prayers before he ever dared to go to China.” [1]

✪ Church Planting Need: Dalian Church Plant – Rent: With our unique situation, we had to move the church several times in the past year. Then we had to do something new, which for us meant renting commercial space for the church. The space is more than the church can afford, but it seems to have solved some of our other problems and we are growing quicker here than at any other place. The rent is about $819. We have paid the first three months up front and pay our rent every three months. For this reason, we still have $7,371 to be paid over the next nine months or $2,457 every three months. I am praying that some church in the states will give a special offering to help the church rent during its first year in the new place. This will allow the church to save up their money and have enough money in the bank to be able to negotiate a cheaper price next time because they could pay a larger amount (such as a year at a time). Thank you for your consideration in the supporting the work of the Lord.

✪ Praise! After sending out the above need to a friend, He notified me that He had a supporter who wanted give three months worth of rent

✪ We are constantly looking for resources, Christian books, music, etc. to buy for the church. We have started a Christian library at the church. If you would like to give to help us buy more resources, books, etc., please send a donation of any amount. Contact me for more details if interested.

✪ I am not sure If I mentioned it before, but we moved our morning services and evening services together, being separated by lunch. We enjoy a quick meal together, and it has created a great atmosphere to get to know and serve each other better.

✪ Our music ministry is slowly starting to take off. It has come a long way since it was me leading us a capella. We now have people playing guitars and piano. We are hoping to use it for worship, outreach, and helping other churches in the future.

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