Weekly Mind Dump: Holiday Season!

✪ February in China is like December in America. It is the holiday season. Everything is focused our Chinese New Year. Many church members are returning home for the holidays and won’t return until the end of February or the beginning of March.

✪ Bird Nest Soup (燕窝), yes, you read that right! Just about every day I get on an elevator, and there is a little TV that has commercials on it as we wait to arrive at our floor. My wife asked me one day what one of them was about, and I didn’t really know. I asked a friend, and he explained that it was “bird nest”. This specialty nest is made of hardened strands of bird saliva. I thought I heard of everything… you can read more here.

✪ We are thinking about different ways of outreach for next year (Chinese Next Year), so please pray with us for wisdom!

✪ We have made plans for our mission director to come over this fall, and we are excited about Him and his wife coming over to see the work, We know they will be a blessing!

✪ We went into a new store that I had never been to before, and we randomly found the perfect pulpit for the church at a great price!

✪ We had the highest attendance at the Kids Bible Club last week!

✪ My little Sky is turning three tomorrow! She brings so much happiness to our family. I love my girls.

✪ The women of the church are having a dumpling making activity at our house on Friday and then we are having a family over on Saturday for lunch. Thankful for a serving wife! Pray that both of these activities will be great opportunities to share the gospel and/or grow in unity.

✪ Recently Read: Why Government Can’t Save You: An Alternative to Political Activism (Bible for Life Book 7) – Although there are several good points made in the book and I agree with the general premise, I’m not sure I agree on all the conclusions. From the book: “The issue again is one of priority. The greatest temporal good we can accomplish through political involvement cannot compare to what the Lord can accomplish through us in the eternal work of His kingdom.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: What is the Relationship Between Church and State? – I enjoyed this little book on the issue at hand. From the book: “As Paul says in Romans 13, we are to be subject to the authorities that are placed over us, because their power is a derivative power, given to them by God Himself. This is the principle of civil obedience. But when those authorities command us to do something God forbids or forbid us from doing something God commands, we must obey God rather than earthly authorities.” [1]

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