Weekly Mind Dump: Thankful, Prayer

✪ We had an interesting day. Unfortunately, my wife was sick last night and was up all night. This morning her throat was swollen, and she had a hard time swallowing and talking. It was enough concern that we had to take her to the hospital and miss church. After visiting the doctor, they gave her medicine through an IV. Several hours later we were sent home, and she is resting as I write this. Pray for her. She has worked very hard this week, helping in the ministry and teaching/taking care of the kids.

✪ We leave tomorrow afternoon for a short family vacation that is serving as one of our visa runs. We are praying she is well enough to travel tomorrow.

✪ Also, because of traveling, we will be out of touch for most of the week.

✪ I am thankful for the faithful men that God has given us. I was able to call one of them and have him preach in my place at the last-minute, since I need to take my wife to the hospital. Those in attendance said he did a great job!

✪ Dumpling Activity – My wife held a dumpling making activity at our house for the women in the church. It was a great success, and all the women enjoyed it. A lady in the church, that my wife has worked with, even gave a devotional for the first time. We are thankful for the women that God has given out church.

✪ Kids’ Club – We had the last kids’ club for two weeks. With the Chinese holidays coming and us traveling, we are taking a break from the classes but are looking forward to starting back up at the end of the month.

✪ Saturday afternoon my wife made another wonderful lunch so that we could host a family from the kids’ club in our home. They are not Christians, but they are interested. Please pray for them as they have come to church once.

✪ We are also looking forward to starting discipleship later this month with a young couple that has been attending our church.

✪ With the holidays this month, it will give us time to rest and plan for the coming months. March is a going to be very busy for us!

✪ Pray for safety as we will be traveling. Pray for good health and healing!

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