Weekly Mind Dump: The Warm Philippines

✪ We had a great mini-vacay! It was nice to escape the bitter cold winds of the Northeast and enjoy several days of warmth in the Philippines.

✪ After hosting a women’s activity, teaching at the kid’s club, hosting a family for lunch and an emergency room visit to the hospital for her health, my wife managed to get us packed in time to be at the airport for our flight to the Philippines! She is a good woman!

✪ It was nice to get away from all the work and just enjoy the time together as a family. The girls are growing up so fast, so it was nice to have time to focus on them.

✪ It was nice to get away from technology. I didn’t have to look at a screen on my computer or iPad for three days! I didn’t even take my computer! Didn’t check email. It was nice.

✪ I read a paper book. In the mornings, while the girls were resting, I read through the life story of Bill Wallace. This was an encouraging read and glad that I read through it on vacay.

✪ Recently Read: Bill Wallace of China – I really enjoyed the life story of Bill Wallace. It is a very easy read and written in a simple way. But as you read each chapter, you slowly gain respect for Dr. Wallace and in the end you are left with an admiration for one who gave his life for the cause of Christ! More people should be reading about this modern-day missionary hero. From the book: “Bill Wallace was a doctor; his basic ministry was one of healing. But he was in China first of all as a bearer of the good news of Jesus Christ, the glad tidings of forgiveness and eternal life inherent in the old, old message of God’s love. Sometimes his soft, stuttering witness to that grace was more effective that the most eloquent evangelist’s plea.” [1] 

✪ It is the Chinese New Year’s Eve! That means one thing… fireworks! The next week should be filled with fireworks, day and night. Maybe we can get a good view from the 25th floor of the church building.

✪ This Sunday is also part of the holidays, so it might be our lowest attended Sunday of the year. But I thought last Sunday would be low, but it turned our pretty good.

✪ We are excited about the more labourers that are coming to China and what God is slowly working out.

✪ Our co-labour, Jake, is releasing his book, Send Me, I’ll Go: Letting the Mission Choose Your Direction, on February 24, 2015. You can preorder the book now, or wait for the kindle version to be released.

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