Weekly Mind Dump: 过年好!

New 2015 Update Video! We recently made an update video for a supporting church and wanted to share it with you. I know 2014 has been a complicated year, and you may have gotten lost in understanding what is exactly going on. This video should help clear everything up and explain all that God is doing in our midst!

✪ Two Podcast Interviews with my Pastor. | First Podcast | Second Podcast | When my pastor was here in November, we found some time for him to interview me over current issues in China missions.

✪ Yesterday, we were invited to a Chinese families house to eat a meal with them for the holiday. We had a great time! They had relatives in town, and I was able to share the gospel with the whole family. They all seemed interested. In explaining the gospel, I was reminded of how foreign this was to them because they never heard it before. Pray they will get saved!

✪ Pray for more open doors like this! Besides our neighbors, we haven’t been invited over to many people’s houses. Part of it is the culture. Part of it is people’s work schedules, there just is no time. But the holidays help people come together and are a great time to share the gospel in.

✪ We had a good turnout Sunday even though it was the holiday. Praying we only go up from here!

✪ We met another American family in the city that has been helping the church. They have been a huge blessing and are helping with our music ministry and many other areas. We have enjoyed getting to know them better and are thankful for their help!

✪ Our littlest is on the move! She is crawling all around the house, getting into everything, loves to explore, won’t be still, constantly on the move, trying to stand up, and happy! She is spoiled by all the ladies at church. Her mother does a great job taking care of her.

✪ We enjoyed some extra family time this week and made sure to eat dumplings on the New Year! Our middle child was afraid of the fireworks and didn’t sleep, but came running into our bed until they were all done. :-)

✪ We are looking forward to everyone starting to come back and getting things going full steam again (now that the holidays are coming to an end).

✪ 过年好!Happy Chinese New Year!

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