Weekly Mind Dump: 5 New Members!

✪ We had a great past two weeks. All or most of our church members are back in town, and things are starting to get going again, now that the holidays are over.

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✪ This past Sunday we had 5 Chinese join our church membership. Two of them were a young couple. Praise the Lord!

✪ Sunday afternoon we also had a worker’s meeting where we divided up all the work in the church and voted on leaders for the different areas in the church. It was exciting to see everyone volunteer for all the areas and we are excited to see everyone start serving to an even greater degree.

✪ Two weeks ago we started an English service for our foreign friends on Sunday evening. It has had a great turn out both weeks with having around 20 or so. Many who attending are Americans.

✪ Why start an English service for foreigners? I struggle with this idea for some time but after meeting another missionary on the north side of the country, doing something similar, it seems that it could help us with future problems (complicated).

✪ Here are all the other reasons to the above question: (1) Everyone needs the gospel. (2) There is a foreigner presence here who can’t speak Chinese and are without a church. (3) It doesn’t take much extra work to do another service in English. (4) Since we had to move into a more expensive building, this hopefully will help pay for the building, since we are using it for multiple services, etc. (5) Hoping the foreign side of things can help give us a legitimate reason if we need it in the future. (6) It can also serve as an outreach to the Chinese who are wanting to learn advanced English. (We have Chinese coming who aren’t Christians but are married to foreigners and/or lived abroad and have very good English).

✪ The final reason for starting an English service is… because Chinese is hard. Interns and new missionaries coming over won’t be able to understand for a looooong time, and I think this hurts them spiritually. My motto when coming to China was to avoid all English at all costs, forcing myself to be fed spiritually in Chinese or starve. Well that ideology led to starving and hurting my family spiritually. Therefore, for students of Chinese, no matter how much you study, you aren’t going to be fed spiritually in Chinese for a long, long time. So learning from my mistakes, I want to help the next group of missionaries/interns.

✪ Pray for our weekly activities: Wednesday evenings we have a music class. Thursday evenings we have a seminary class. Sundays we have Chinese Sunday School, morning worship, afternoon worship and then in the evenings we have English worship.

✪ We are excited about Kanon coming over next week. He is an intern from our home church and will be serving for six months. Please pray for him!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Mind Dump: 5 New Members!

  1. Ty Pepperdine

    Praise the Lord! Very encouraging, neat to see how the Lord is growing the church in numbers and maturity.


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