Weekly Mind Dump: One More Saved!

✪ We started our one seminary class back up. We should be finishing up Galatians soon and then moving on to “Basic Bible Study Methods,” Lord willing.

✪ We had a great Sunday full of services!

✪ The newest intern, Kanon, from the OGTC has arrived. We are excited to have him with us. He preached Sunday afternoon for us and started language school today. We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do with him over the next six months and following! If you are interested in an internship the mainland, let me know!

✪ Part of the new home school co-op we joined is having a teacher visit your house and help tutor your kids once a week. That’s a blessing!

✪ On Sunday, one of the young men that has come several times let me know that he repented and believed on the Lord Jesus Christ the night before! Praise God! It was exciting to see our church reach out to him and the collective effort of people who witnessed to him! Praise the Lord!

✪ We have an American teacher who has been coming to our English service, and the Lord has worked in his life. It has been an encouragement to see him grow in the Lord.

✪ Started going back to the English corner this past week.

✪ Started going through our discipleship lessons with some new members on Sunday afternoons. Pray for their growth.

✪ Pray for my wife. She is having some health issues that we are trying to get worked out. She does so much, and it is hard when she is down because of sickness. I am so thankful for her help and don’t know what I would do without her! I love her.

✪ We started using a new curriculum for the Kids’ Club called The Gospel Project and it seems to be working out great. Each week we give the parents and kids a copy of the lesson in Chinese and English.

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump: One More Saved!

  1. Ty Pepperdine

    Praise the Lord for the salvation testimony and the many maturing in Christ! God is so good to be blessing all your families hard work and the whole church coming together to minister to each other. We are praying for Natasha.


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