Weekly Mind Dump: Preparing for Easter

✪ We had another great weekend with several first time visitors in our Chinese and English services.

✪ One of the visitors had an interesting story. She met our co-laborers several years ago (before we were in China) when they were working up North. At that time, she wasn’t interested in God and just went to their Bible studies for fun. Later, she moved to America and there she became a Christian. Now, she has returned to China and lives in our city and was referred to our church.

✪ Kanon is doing a great job. He is a really hard worker and he has been a blessing. He is not afraid to practice speaking the language and he is bold in making contacts and trying to meet people to share the gospel with. He has already given the gospel to several and has brought a couple of visitors to church.

✪ The city has been under constant fog since Sunday. You look outside the windows and everything is just white.

✪ We are looking forward to Easter this Sunday. We put together some last-minute plans (as things have been really busy here) but we are looking forward to celebrating on Saturday and Sunday.

✪ One of the ways that we have tried to reach out is through the web, but most people don’t use computers, so we have focused on reaching out through certain apps that many Chinese use on cell phones. Almost everyone here has a smartphone, so it is really the new way to give out information.

✪ I was able to give the gospel with one of the men who came for the first time on Sunday. He had a lot of questions. Please pray for his salvation.

✪ Pray for my wife as she is starting a Ladies Bible study to help disciple and reach out to new girls in the area.

✪ The guys leading the music at church are doing a fantastic job. Each week they impress me with all the work they have done.

✪ Pray for us!

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