Weekly Mind Dump: Jesus Reigns!

✪ Sunday morning we gathered together to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We were reminded of the importance of the resurrection, and its power was evident in the lives of those in attendance.

✪ During Sunday school, one of the men taught on “What is Easter?” and then I preached on “Why is the resurrection important?” At the end of the first service, a young man was baptized by one of the Chinese men in training. It was a beautiful service.

✪ For lunch, we enjoyed a special meal together. Many of the women prepared food and we enjoyed it together as a church family and with the several visitors in attendance.

✪ In the afternoon service, we had a special time of praise and worship with windows wide open singing the praises of our great God as we looked out over the city of millions of people who have yet to hear of the great news we were singing! We ended the service with, “Let’s go tell them, “Jesus is alive!”

✪ We equally had a great time in the evening English service with two first time visitors.

✪ The Saturday before Easter, we taught the Kids’ English Bible Club about the true meaning of Easter and had a fun time doing an Easter egg dash.

✪ My wonderful wife has started a ladies English Bible study and activity night on Friday evenings to reach out to the ladies in our church and their friends. She had a great first week, and I am proud of her. Also, she has worked hard at learning the piano and has played a song in our evening service the last couple of weeks.

✪ We ordered a box drum (箱鼓) awhile back that came in this past week and we used it for the first time on Sunday. It sounded good and blended with the other instruments well.

✪ Kanon started an English corner as a top of the funnel event to help reach new college students that he could have an impact on while he is here. He had a great turnout for his first week, and a few came to church already because of it!

✪ I was telling a college student that I am married and have three daughters, he then jokingly replied, “So when you go home, you go to the girls dorm!” Yep, that about sums it up, I live in a girls dorm.

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump: Jesus Reigns!

  1. Ty Pepperdine

    Praise the Lord!! Great update, you all are working hard and God is blessing. He is so good.
    Lol, I live in the girls dorm too.


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