China Ramblings! Podcast, Episode 3, Kanon Interview

Podcast Notes
Thank you for listening to the China Ramblings! Podcast, this is Mark: Today I am interviewing a missionary intern named Kanon…

Introduction: Kanon is living in mainland China for a six month internship as he finishes his training for the Our Generation Training Center. He started this journey three weeks ago today, and He has had a learner’s spirit since he has been here…

  1. What made you decided to give up other occupations and become a missionary?

  2. Why did you decide on China for your internship and is this somewhere you want to be long-term?

  3. Now that you have lived here for almost three weeks, how are things different that you originally thought they would be?

  4. You have had a lot of dialogue with Chinese people who speak English, college professors, college students, just to name a few, what have you found about their perspective on Christianity? How many were already Christian?

  5. You are learning Chinese part-time, which means you are taking formal classes for about 12 hours a week, what do you think about it?

  6. What is a route of listeners? Can you tell us about your experiences?

  7. What do you hope to get out of this internship? Why do you think it is a necessary part of your training? What have you experienced so far that has been a help?

  8. What have you learned about the need of the gospel in China? Would you challenge other men your age to come to China as missionaries?

Closing: Thank you for your time, we are excited about what God is doing in your life and we hope there will be other men like you raised up to come to China. I hope those listening will get involved by praying and supporting you financially.

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