Weekly Mind Dump: Spring Is Coming

✪ Outreach Campaign Update: One of the men started his Bible study this past Sunday afternoon. Please pray as everyone is making plans and inviting people. Two of the studies probably will be delayed until after the first week of May. Pray that we will see souls saved in the coming weeks!

✪ I started teaching through Revelation again. I started a while back but stopped for various reasons. I am starting back at it and teaching it from beginning to end.

✪ We also finished preparing book four of our discipleship material. We are in the process of proofreading and everything else that goes into making a final copy of it.

✪ We had one lady who join the church Sunday. She is a young professional working in the city.

✪ Sunday evening I was invited to another meeting, so Kanon filled in for me during the English service. He did a great job. Also, our church members did a great job running things, even though, several key people were out-of-town or out because of sickness.

✪ Recently Read: Learn Chinese with Yangyang Series: Top 10 Mistakes Made by Chinese Learners and Tips on How to Correct Them – I ran across this book on Amazon when I was looking for some Chinese grammar books and thought I would give it a quick read and I am glad that I did. The book gives ten mistakes that many people make when speaking Chinese, but the most helpful part was the explanation that went with each point. I already knew all the points she made, but the way it was explained was helpful. If you haven’t been learning Chinese long, then reading this should be helpful. From the book: “If a stative verb or adjectival verb is followed by “le (了),” the meaning is “change of status” or “new situation” rather than “completeness of an action.”” [1]

✪ I enjoyed a lovely lunch date with my beautiful wife yesterday! We had Korean BBQ with some awesome kimchi!

✪ Would you like to take an internship here? Come live in China for six months. You will be able to (1) have an impact in China and (2) be impacted! We need more young men to give their lives for taking the gospel to China and the world!

✪ The weather is finally starting to warm up here. Signs of plant life are showing up all around the city as it slowly ushers in Spring!

✪ The subway has been under construction for a long time. The dynamite blast have been shaking the buildings for the last several months, but we got word that it should be opening soon (well, part of it)! We are excited to see how this will help in making it easier to get to our part of town!

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