Weekly Mind Dump: Moving Along

✪ Outreach Campaign Update: By the end of this week 3 or 4 of the hopefully 7 ten-week Bible studies will be started. One starts tonight. Another starts Friday.

✪ We finished our first course (Galatians) in our seminary. The two guys taking classes passed their final test, and we celebrated with a bucket of fried chicken from KFC. :-) We will take a break then start back with Bible Study Methods, Lord willing.

✪ Yesterday, we spend the morning with oldest girl getting her pictures taken at a photo studio. They asked us if she could model for them, and we would get free pictures in return. Then we spend the afternoon at the park looking at all the tulips and cherry blossoms that are in full bloom. It was beautiful day yesterday and fun time with the family.

✪ I made some arrangements to help me preach this past week and it helped make the Sunday morning sermon flow much more smoothly.

✪ We had several visitors Sunday morning and evening, praise the Lord!

✪ Recently Read: Lottie Moon: Giving Her All for China (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) – Another missions biography I read with the girls. I have always wondered who Lottie Moon was because of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that Southern Baptist Churches take up every year. The book started out slow, but it picks up and ends powerfully. She was a great example, and I am glad my girls got to hear her story. It also helped me get more info on the history of Baptist in North East China. I recommend reading this book, especially if you are a young lady wondering if you can be used in missions. From the book: “Every life was equally precious to God, and Lottie had come to China to serve anyone He placed in her path.” [1]

✪ My wife started teaching the Kids’ Club and taking more responsibility for it. She does a better job than I do anyways!

✪ The only thing keeping us from doing more is the lack of laborers. Will you come to China and get involved in all the opportunities to preach the gospel to those who have never heard?

✪ This Friday, May 1st, is Labor Day in China. We will cancel the outreach activities, but still have services like normal.

✪ Please pray for my neighbors as they seem to be opening up to the gospel and we are praying for opportunities to study the Bible with them.

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