Weekly Mind Dump: Campaign Underway

✪ Outreach Campaign Update: 4 of the 7 Bible studies are in the works. Each one is hosted at different times, locations, and on different days of the week: Tuesday 6:00 PM, Wednesday 1:00 PM, Friday 7:00 PM and Sunday 1:30 PM. We are now 12 hours ahead of the States, so please look at the times and days and choose one to pray for. (For example, Tuesday at 6:00 PM is Tuesday 6:00 AM in the States. Please pray at that time.)

✪ The two families I was hoping to start my group with let me know that they are now too busy for the group, so I am looking for a new group of people to study with. Please pray for open doors.

✪ Kanon and another man from the church were able to go visit the family of a doctor who has been attending our church. They were able to give them the gospel and study the first lesson. They said the lesson was very clear and they are interested in learning more. They are going back tonight. Please pray for their salvation.

✪ We didn’t have any first-time visitors Sunday morning, but we did have a couple Sunday evening. They were lost. Please pray for their salvation.

✪ After the holiday this past weekend, everything is going back to normal, well for this week anyway. We will be doing some traveling next week.

✪ I am always amazed at what God allows me to do, the family He has given me and the people He allows me to work with! Praise Him!

✪ There are two foreigners who come to our English services and neither of them are Christians. Please pray for their salvation.

✪ The only thing keeping us from doing more is laborers. Will you come to China and get involved in all the opportunities to preach the gospel to those who have never heard?

✪ Our teammates in the States, Ben and his family, bought tickets to come to China early next year. They are near the end of deputation, and we are excited to get more co-labourers here in the mainland.

✪ The process to starting a church in China is a long one…will you stop wasting time and make a decision to come to China today. Start down the pathway of training, fundraising, language…so that you can start a church in China for the glory of God!

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