Weekly Mind Dump: Thailand

✪ Visa run…

✪ We had another visa run last week. We left on Monday and returned on Saturday.

✪ Our airplane was delayed leaving the country, and it was delayed overnight (10+ hours) when we were coming back. Those make for long traveling days…

✪ We were blessed to be able to visit our friends in Thailand. Normally, tickets are too expensive to go there, but when we looked this time, they were abnormally cheap. They must have pushed for more Chinese tourist to visit… because there was a lot of Chinese people there touring! They must have found out about the same deals we did.

✪ Our teammates in Thailand were great hosts and we are appreciative that they let us stay with them. It was fun to be able to spend time with friends, especially those who can relate to things that you are going through.

✪ Thailand had many differences from our daily realities, but there were also many things that were similar, one being the extreme need of the gospel. It is a land where idolatry and fornication are rampant. The Thai people are sweet people… which breaks your heart even more to see them without the knowledge of the Saviour. I am honored to know two families who are working there to give them the gospel. Pray for more laborers to be raised up and head to Thailand!

✪ We finally got back on Saturday, rested and started to prepare for Sunday.

✪ We had a good service on Sunday. One person signed a commitment card to join the church.

✪ Sunday afternoon we decided to participate in the community walking festival. Many from the church wore their church shirts, and we went walking in a group through the city. It was a fun time walking, talking and singing praises.

✪ We are back a the daily grind and looking for God to do great things!

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