Weekly Mind Dump: Prayer Request And A Rant

✪ We finished book number 4 in our Firm Foundation series. It is another set of ten lessons to help Christians grower deeper in Christian doctrine. You can download the new lessons on my docs page.

✪ I turned over the teaching of the kids club primary to my wife. She has done a great job and does better with teaching the kids. Kanon assists with the games and vocabulary time. Others from the church also volunteer to help.

✪ Because my time as been freed up, I am starting an outreach Bible study at the same time for the parents who bring their children to the club. I will invite them into the other room, and we will study the basics of Christianity and the gospel in Chinese. I announced this last week to the parents, so please pray there will be many who are willing to attend.

✪ With me starting my Bible study this week, we will have most of the “outreaches” started. I think one or two of the guys haven’t started yet. Everyone else has continued to teach the gospel each week. Some groups just have one person and others have several. Please keep praying for souls to be saved.

✪ Missionary jealousy is a huge problem in missions, and I think many people get hurt because of it. Everyone wants t build a huge ministry, and that often means holding on to people; even it is against their will. It means talking bad about other missionaries and ministries so that we can assure people will not leave our place, the “only right place” of ministry. Though it goes unsaid, we often will allow our people to hurt and struggle as long as it means they are still under my influence and not another’s.

✪ People have visited our church (completely unprovoked from us) from other ministries. When they do, jealously starts from others and our name gets dragged through the mud like we did something wrong. All we are doing is teaching the Bible and building a church. Missionaries discourage locals from going to church (because they don’t go themselves), and it causes much confusion among local Christians.

✪ The success and failure of the previous missionary generation in our city is apparent. The local church has not been important. The local Christians are only fed milk, and many are still being fed milk. They act more like babysitters instead of training an army to reach the world with the gospel.

✪ I have come to a conclusion: if people are talking bad about you (whether they are Christian or not) and it is because you are simply trying to obey the bold, clear teachings of the Bible, then keep going forward. Those who charge the gates of hell are always going to be in the minority while those on the sidelines criticizing your every move will be the majority. It is sad, but we do live in a fallen world.

✪ I think ever person in ministry deals with jealousy. I am not trying to point fingers, but I think we need to call it what it is. If someone in my church tells me they have gone somewhere else or visits another ministry, the jealousy arises in me. Of course, I want to look out for their safety and well-being, but most of the time I rather them just sit as home watching TV instead of going to someone else’s Bible study.

✪ Open dialog and communication would help us overcome much of this. Believers need to be taught the importance of a local church nd serving in it. Missionaries need to deal with their pride, egos, jealousy and know the whole world doesn’t revolve around them. That includes me.

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