Weekly Mind Dump: Updates

✪ Six out of the seven Bibles have been started. Each leader had successfully been able to give the gospel to an unbeliever. Many are doing one-on-one, some are doing groups.

✪ We are trying an internet radio station. We are not fully sure how it will work, but with the help of another missionary friend, we have everything up and running. We are working on getting together Christian preaching, teaching and music to fill the time. We might even be able to do our services live though it.

✪ I am reading the biography of Jonathan Goforth now with the girls. It is very interesting.

✪ I just finished the first book of discipleship lessons with a couple in our church. They are growing and serving more and more each week.

✪ We are losing two key men this month because they are moving to other cities because of work. They will be greatly missed.

✪ We had two people recently join the church. Praise the Lord.

✪ We most likely will be traveling North for the wedding of a pastor this weekend. I was asked to preach at it.

✪ We decided to change the English service into a small group instead of a service. We have been doing the service format for about three months, but the church space is a little big for the small group, especially when everyone has a job. We are going to try to grow it this way then possibly move back. We have other ideas as well, we will see what works.

✪ Kanon is doing a great job interning here. He seems to be learning a lot and has had several Bible studies almost every week that He has been here.

✪ If you are a young man interested in interning with us, let me know. We have a place for you!

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