Weekly Mind Dump: Not Dead

✪ The last couple of weeks have been a crazy haze. Sick, traveling, sick. But I am not dead. I have what they think is acute bronchitis…or something else. I have a hard time breathing and sleeping. I get extremely cold and then extremely hot. I am on medicine.

✪ Two Sunday’s ago (I think), I had the privilege to preach at the wedding of a friend. This is extra special to me because (1) he is a Chinese pastor, and (2) he taught me Chinese. Yes, I preached a message in Chinese at the wedding of the man who spent two years teaching me how to speak Chinese. It was a great moment and honor. I know God will bless their marriage, and I expect to see great things come from their lives in the future.

✪ Last Sunday was the “last Sunday” for one of our members as he is moving for work. He will be greatly missed. We had a good-bye party for him and asked others to fill his shoes since he played the guitar, was an assistant Sunday school teacher and an evangelist. He did replace himself before he left and helped lead a young man to the Lord!

✪ We had three people recently make decisions to become Christians. Praise the Lord! All three of them were first introduced to the church by Kanon. He met them out doing his required route of listeners for language school. After meeting them, he invited them to a church event. Our church people met them and shared the gospel with them. After some time, each made a decision. One of them was plugged into the evangelistic Bible studies we are doing. All three are local people from the city. God is good!

✪ All the Bible studies we started didn’t last the full ten weeks. Six of the seven got started, and now only two or three of the Bible studies are still going. Each of the studies was successful in giving the gospel to at least one lost person (many were more than that). One person has been saved from them.

✪ We are planning a baptism activity soon. Most likely we will host this one publicly in the ocean.

✪ We are getting close to finishing our Firm Foundations Discipleship material. I am writing the last two of fifty lessons. We are hoping this will be a help, not only for our church, but other churches.

✪ We are working on putting together 30 sec. – 60 sec. offering devotionals to be used weekly. We will have them available in the next couple of months or so, both in Chinese and English.

✪ A family invited us to go “cherry picking” with them this past Monday for the holiday. It was my first time to pick cherries, which was fun because you could eat as many as you wanted as long as you were on the property. The kids loved it as well. Actually the last 5 days or so we have been doing things with this new family who recently believed.

✪ We have officially moved the English Worship to our house and made it into an English small group with an emphasis on reaching those who speak English but can’t come to the morning Chinese service yet. The English is a drawing card, and the small group setting lets us connect better with them. We might eventually move back to the church if it is necessary. We also changed the time to later, because I believe it was hurting us. We had two Chinese families with children come the last week.

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