Weekly Mind Dump: Water Party!

✪ One was baptized this past Sunday. Sunday afternoon he gave a great testimony on how he was saved and why he wanted to get baptized. He thanked Kanon for bringing him to the English corner, where he met a man in the church who taught Him the gospel over 10 weeks–towards the end of those weeks he made a decision to follow Jesus. Praise the Lord!

✪ We baptized in the ocean. It was in the same place we did before, but this time seemed to be much busier than before. There were hundreds of people on the beach and many took pictures as the group sang and we entered the water to baptized.

✪ We enjoyed having Kanon’s fiancé and her mom with us this past week. They did a great job while they were here, and we are excited to see how God is going to work in the lives of this young couple who is getting married in October and committing their lives to serve on the foreign mission field.

✪ We have stopped the seminary classes for now. The two young men who were taking the classes are busy with their work at the universities and needed to choose one or the other. Each made their decisions.

✪ Two of our English outreaches will be on hold for the summer months. This week is the last week for the Kids’ Club and Ladies Activity and Bible study until the end of summer when they start back up.

✪ The firm foundations are done…almost. All the lesson are written and the last 10 are being revised. I final copy should be available in the next month or so.

✪ The magic time for doing something in the evening in China seems to be 7:00-9:00.

✪ The ladies of the church had a ladies meeting this past Friday at the church. Everything went great and all the ladies seemed to have a good time.

✪ My wife has done a great job with the piano and kids’ club. She plays the piano for our small group on Sunday night and she does all the teaching at the kids club now except for the vocabulary. She has taken on both of these responsibilities herself and has done an amazing job.

✪ Kanon is also doing a great job. He will be finishing up two 10-week Bible studies with two different groups in the coming weeks. He has been able to bring several to church. God is using Him.

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