Weekly Mind Dump: Summertime

✪ Support: We have recently lost $350 of support between three churches. One was because the church closed, another chose to decrease our support permanently, and another church had financial hardships and could no longer support us. Our home church raised our support by $50 a month. That means we need to raise another $300 to replace what was lost. Would you be willing to give monthly to support the work in China?

✪ Recently Read: A Star in the East: The Rise of Christianity in China – This was a great little book that analyzes the trends, past and current, of Christian growth in China. There are a lot of factors to consider, and the authors did a great job keeping many of them in mind as they looked at the data and tried to make sense of it. Anyone studying Christianity in China should read this book along with other sources they are studying. From the book: “It seems that most Chinese define religion as belonging to an organized religious group, rather than consisting of practices, such as praying in temples, or of belief. Hence, some Chinese say that they believe in Jesus Christ while denying that they are Christians, as will be seen later in this book.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: Jonathan Goforth: An Open Door in China (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) – I loved reading about Jonathan Goforth. He is my new hero. He struggled with the language. He went forward even when his wife wasn’t willing to, yet led her along the way. He buried several children on the mission field and yet continue to serve. He pioneered missions in Northeast China (Manchuria at the time) in places like Changchun and Shenyang. The results of his evangelism and revivals had tangible results, as in the amount fo churches planted in an area. I recommend reading this book. From the book: “It was not easy living like this, especially for the children, but Jonathan knew it was worth the sacrifice the moment he traveled out into the surrounding countryside. Wherever he stopped, someone would come up to him and say, “It is you! I have been an honored guest in your house. You must come now and see my house.” As a result, Jonathan once again had the opportunity to present the gospel to them, this time in their home.” [1]

✪ China is a blessed country to have such a long Christian history. Today’s blessing of Christianity is a result of the laborers who before us, came sharing the gospel.

✪ Still sick and fighting whatever it is I have. It seems my wife has it as well, but our symptoms aren’t completely the same. Please pray for our health.

✪ There are still millions who don’t believe in the gospel. Thousands who have never heard. Will you come and tell them?

✪ Things have slowed down here for the summer.

✪ I am enjoying preaching through Revelation in the morning service. I have a few more topical lessons that I want to finish in the afternoon service and then I am going to start preaching through Proverbs. That should be fun as well.

✪ We bought a spiral binding machine so we can turn the materials we are producing into small booklets to use. We are about finished with some material that we have worked on for a long time now.

✪ Pray for us. The sickness and other things have gotten us down recently. We will keep on in the Lord and serve Him because He is worthy.

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