Firm Foundations Five (45 of 55) Christian Morals

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The fifth set of these lessons tries to explain the Christians relationship  to the law and thus how we are to make decisions to live out grace. He attempts to teach you how to make decisions in the grey areas and live a life to glorify God.

This is the last set of lessons in our Firm Foundation Discipleship course. I want to say a final thank you to those who helped proof read them and gave many suggestions. Thank you!

Here is the introduction to Firm Foundations Five, Christian Morals:

Engaging The Faith

Believers no longer live under the law but under grace. This means that the people of God are no longer obligated to follow the law of the Old Testament. Therefore, the law as a whole is no longer necessary because it has been fulfilled. The law included parts that are considered to be morals, meaning they are true through every age. Even though the consequence for going against these morals has been dealt with on the cross, believers are to uphold them as the will of God. In these lessons, we want to help you understand what these timeless morals are and how to use Christian principles to answer the hard questions.

Book 5, Lessons 41-50

This is the fifth book in our Firm Foundations series. It covers the fifth set of ten lessons to help you engage your faith. These lessons are considered the basics understanding Christian morals. These lessons will hopefully equip you to know the relationship between law and grace and how to apply it practically to life’s hard questions. These lessons include:

  1. What Is A Christian’s Relationship To The Law?
  2. What Is Christian Ethics?
  3. What About Music?
  4. What About Money?
  5. What About Food?
  6. What About Alcohol?
  7. What About Sexuality?
  8. What About Abortion?
  9. What About Racism?
  10. What About War?

About The Lessons

Each lesson has a main truth, a simple outline that supports it, Bible references under many of the points, and review questions at the end. These lessons are best used when a mature believer is able to guide you through them, studying one lesson per session.

Book 1 | Book 2 | Book 3 | Book 4 | Book 5 |Book 6 | Book 7 | Book 8 |

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