August 2015 Prayer Letter

It is a privilege to continue serving in the joyful service of our Lord and King Jesus. We look forward to that day when our Lord returns, and we will eternally be with Him. We continue to pray and labour towards reaching lost souls here in China so that they too can know the love God has shown us through His Son Jesus.

Last month we dealt with another cult member entering our church and trying to cause dissension among our members. Thankfully, everyone was mature enough to know there was something that wasn’t right about him even if they couldn’t pinpoint the problem. He acted friendly and traded contact information with some of the members. He met with one member telling him that the cross of Jesus is no longer in effect in our day and age, thus cannot take away sin. The man who claims this heresy would consider himself a Christian. This is just another example of false teaching by the cults that prey among the churches here, many who lack Bible teaching. This has been the third attempt by cults to influence our church members with false teaching.

I have taught on Revelation each week to help our church members understand the importance of the book, and to help combat the false teaching of many of the cults who use it to base their false teaching out of. It has helped our church and myself as we have gone through it verse-by-verse. No one in the church has ever heard a someone preach through the book of Revelation. Once we finish, we will make the material from the sermons available for the church to use in their personal studies and with others.

Also, the summer as allowed to use some of the time to finish several projects that we have worked on. They will provide more material for the church and those who minister in the Chinese language, in general, to use long-term.

Finally, help us pray for Chinese men to be raised up that will surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus in His full-time service. Those not looking for careers that are defined as successful from the world’s viewpoint, but a life that is willing to minister full-time to advance the Kingdom of God!

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, and being a part of our team, Project China.

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