Weekly Mind Dump: It’s Back

✪ Sorry for the lack of weekly updates. Our whole family has been sick, working from a new schedule and we have been hosting visitors. So here is the return of the much overdue weekly mind dump.

✪ Support: Of the $350 of monthly support we have lost recently, we have recovered $100 of it between two churches. That means we are still raising another $250 in monthly support. Would you be willing to give monthly to support the work in China?

✪ We started a new English activity that combines our English corner, kid’s club, and English worship into one time. We had over 70 the first week and over 50 the second week. Each lesson is Bible centered and we have seen a positive response so far.

✪ Another independent baptist missionary in town is starting a church on the other side of town. Some of our members live near where he is starting and are also connected to him. Therefore, 4-6 of our members are leaving to go help and serve in this new church-plant. Pray for them.

✪ Some of the Chinese guys who were serving and then went through a trial period are back serving! Praise the Lord as He continues to mature and grow them.

✪ Kanon is leaving this week. He has done a great job. He preached a 5-minute sermon on Sunday. He also passed two Chinese test he had to take. If your church is looking for a new missionary candidate, he would be perfect to have in. I highly recommend him.

✪ I love the fall. For our city, the best time of year for the weather is now. Cool temperatures and blue skies. Also, since school starts back, everyone stops traveling and it makes doing ministry much more consistent.

✪ My new preaching schedule: topical lessons for Sunday school and then verse by verse through Matthew and Galatians in our other services.

✪ Our oldest daughter started school! She is going to first grade at a Chinese private school. She even rides the bus there. To calm this daddy’s heart we bought her a kid’s “phone watch”. They are popular here and it allows her to call me whenever she wants to. Also, I have an app on my phone that I can track her with via GPS. It works out great.

✪ Recently Read: Because the Time is Near: John MacArthur Explains the Book of Revelation – I really enjoyed this book on Revelation. MacArthur makes it easy to understand and breaks it up in a simple fashion. From the book: “Indeed, the coming of Christ has been imminent for every generation from John’s day until the present.” [1]

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