Weekly Mind Dump: Amen!

We have updated the Firm Foundations lesson with the final copy of each version, as well as, uploaded the Keynote slides that you can download and use for teaching.

✪ We are finally…finally getting over this sickness and everyone is starting to feel better. Thank you for your prayers.

✪ Another reminder about the support we are trying to raise: We are trying to raise $250 in additional monthly support. Would you be willing to give monthly to support the work in China?

✪ The new English Corner activity on Sunday nights is still doing well. It has opened up a dialogue to talk about the gospel with many who have never heard. A young man told me this past Sunday (paraphrased), “Last week was the first time I heard about this gospel thing, and you know, it is really good, this is a good deal.” Amen! Also, we have to cancel the kids club until further notice because a lack of workers right now. Lord, willing, we will be able to restart it next semester. We need more workers!

✪ We are praying about and will be looking at starting a Bible study on a university campus about 45 minutes to an hour away. One of the young men that was attending our church is going there now and we are going to see what we can do to help. Pray for wisdom.

✪ Everything is back in full swing now that school is started back. Come join us in this blessed life of ministry!

✪ Our oldest daughter is going to a Chinese private school and has about a 12 hour day from Monday to Friday. She is a trooper. My wife is also homeschooling her on the side. She is a trooper as well. This means our schedule has changed and Saturday is the new Monday in our house (for those of you who understand that).

✪ We have several young men who are starting to step up again. Pray that God will use them to take the gospel to this city, country and the world.

✪ Now that I am getting healthier, I am going to try to diet again…because we don’t have to leave for any visa runs…oh wait that reminds me..

✪ …Praise! We were approved with a new visa for one-year and we don’t have to take any visa runs. This will save time, money and allow us to focus more on the ministry than we have been able to in the past. Praise the Lord for giving us this opportunity! Amen!

1 thought on “Weekly Mind Dump: Amen!

  1. Judy Sanders (Mrs. William Sanders)

    So glad to be receiving China Ramblings again. Didn’t realize you have had a health problem but glad to hear you’re improving.
    First met you & the family @ Calvary Bapt. in Macon, Ga. when you were “directed” to our church, but not by accident !
    We are now serving at Unity Bapt. in Lizella, Ga.
    Praying for the work there and your family. I know the girls have really grown since we saw them. The baby was a newborn the last time you were at Calvary !


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