Weekly Mind Dump: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

✪ We had a great Sunday this past week. We had a few visitors and three people officially join the church membership. We are excited about the growth.

✪ Pray for a young man named Alex. He is working in our church,  but has had some major health problems recently, and the doctors aren’t sure what is wrong exactly.

✪ We are trying to raise $250 of additional monthly support. Please pray with us about this.

✪ Pray for another young man who I met again last week and shared the gospel with. He has come to church for a while now, but he hasn’t made a profession of faith yet. Please pray for his salvation.

✪ We did an outreach English Corner on the new campus about an hour or so away. There was over ten people who came and a few showed interest in studying the Bible. We will do the next one in a couple of weeks after the Chinese holidays.

✪ Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We had our share of moon cakes over the weekend in celebration of the festival!

✪ The next three months provided a great time for outreach events. Pray that we are wise with our time and can use it to reach many more souls for Christ.

✪ We have two more members leaving next month because they are moving to Japan. Pray they will be able to find a good church there to get plugged into.

✪ We have had a lot of members move recently, but it has been exciting to see the new wave of members starting to step-up and serve.

✪ Pray for more labourers. Pray and ask God if that means you!

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