Weekly Mind Dump: National Day

✪ Happy PRC National Day! (One October 1st, sorry for being late!)

✪ National Day is a big holiday, and lots of people get off work and travel. Our oldest daughter is of school for an entire week, from Thursday through Wednesday. A lady from church made us a great Chinese meal on the first to celebrate.

✪ We went to our first field-day at our oldest daughter’s new school. All parents were supposed to go, and I was surprised that most came. Our class even bought uniforms for all the parents to wear! Yea! It was more fun than I expected, and we beat all the other parents at tug-o-war!

✪ We had a foreign couple visit Sunday who also go to the foreigner-only church in town. They had concerns about their church because: (1) They are focused on the Holy Spirit more than Jesus. (2) They teach you have to repent of your forefathers sins, or you will be affected by them. (3) They focus on the gifts of the Spirit and miracles, etc. (4) They can see demons in you! (5) They aren’t sure if they preach the truth gospel and if they did they don’t hear it much. (6) The woman who calls herself a pastor is a dictator.

✪ Chinese culture is changing drastically and rapidly. This year there were very few street vendors, fireworks and paper burning. This has changed even just over the past few years. I guess it is because of the government regulations.

✪ Wednesday is the last day of the holiday, so everything will turn back to normal on Thursday. To make up for lost time in school, they will make the kids go to school on Saturday. They often do “calendar shifting” so they can move the days off together, which is confusing and means they will often have classes/work on the weekends.

✪ Its seems that I might have chronic bronchitis because this thing keeps coming back. I think our whole family has it. Pray for us.

✪ I am proud of the guys who do music in the church. They have worked hard, and we have a quality music program because of them.

✪ I am proud of my wife and oldest daughter who have both been working hard to make both schools work (Chinese Private School and Homeschool). Both are doing a great job! It will pay off in the future.

✪ Thank you for reading and praying for our family! God bless!

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