October 2015 Prayer Letter

It is holiday season in China, and we are in the middle of fall. As life runs by, and you see the happiness of the Chinese (who are off work for a few days and spending it with family and friends) we are reminded that this life has temporary enjoyment, but only through Jesus Christ can they find eternal enjoyment. Pray with us that this holiday season they will find out the meaning of true joy.

This month, please join us in the following praises and prayer requests:

Recent Praises:

  • We were approved with a new visa for one-year, and we don’t have to take any visa runs. This will save time, money and allow us to focus more on the ministry.
  • Our oldest daughter got approved to attend Chinese private school. This will help with her schooling and language acquisition.
  • We have two new English Corner outreaches that are allowing us to reach out to new people who have never heard the gospel before.
  • We had three people who have been attending the church, officially join and become part of the church membership.

Recent Prayer Requests:

  • We are trying to raise $250 in additional monthly support. Please pray that this need would be met.
  • Our entire families’ health has been like a roller-coaster. Please pray for the Lord to restore our health.
  • The next three months provided a great time for outreach events. Pray that we are wise with our time and can use it to reach many more souls for Christ.
  • There is a young man in our church, Alex is his English name, who has been sick and the Doctor’s aren’t sure what is wrong with him. Please pray for his healing.
  • We have several attenders on Sunday morning who have been coming for a while but they have not made professions of faith. Please pray for their salvation.

Thank you! We know that we couldn’t do anything without the help of God’s people. Thank you for giving, praying, and being a part of our team, Project China.

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