Revelation (1 of 24) God’s Prophetic Message To Mankind

Revelation – God’s Prophetic Message To Mankind

I enjoyed preaching through Revelation. In China, I was surprised that none of the Chinese that I knew in our city have ever heard a sermon from Revelation, much less heard someone preach through it verse by verse.

The cults in China often use Revelation to confuse people, and yet they try to keep people from studying it because if they do, they will find out the truth. One man who visited our church during this series tried to tell me after my sermon that we shouldn’t preach Revelation. Then he asked me, “Do you know why no one teaches it?”. I was confused because I told him apart from China, most people who I know study and teach it. He tried to scare my by using that last chapter of the book, saying that if I taught anything wrong that God will curse me etc. He was from a cult and we later found out that he even denies the salvation offered through Jesus saying the cross has no power today.

This is one reason I wanted to teach this book. To help our church. I wanted them to know that we are supposed to study the book of Revelation. This book is not meant to be sealed up, but proclaimed. I know over the 23 weeks that I taught this book that it strengthened me and out church. We were blessed. I hope that you will be blessed over the next 23 weeks as that post come out.

Below are the sermon outlines as it goes very-by-verse through the book and then a list of memory verse–one per lesson.

Sermon Outline

  • 1:1-8 The Introduction To Revelation
  • 1:9-20 The Vision Of The Son Of Man
  • 2:1-7 The Letter To The Church Of Ephesus
  • 2:8-17 Letters To The Churches Of Smyrna And Pergamum
  • 2:18-3:6 Letters To The Churches Of Thyatira And Sardis
  • 3:7-22 Letters To The Churches Of Philadelphia And Laodicean
  • 4:1-11 The Throne Of The Lord God Almighty
  • 5:1-14 The Lamb That Was Slain Is Worthy
  • 6:1-17 Opening Six Of The Seven Seals Of The Book
  • 7:1-17 The Sealed Servants And The Great Multitude
  • 8:1-9:21 Opening The Seventh Seal Of The Book
  • 10:1-11:14 A Little Book And Two Witnesses
  • 11:15-12:17 War In Heaven
  • 13:1-18 The Two Beasts
  • 14:1-20 Coming Events
  • 15:1-16:21 The Seven Vial Judgements
  • 17:1-18 The Great Whore
  • 18:1-24 Babylon The Great City
  • 19:1-21 The Return Of The Lord Jesus (The Second Coming)
  • 20:1-10 The Millennial Kingdom
  • 20:11-15 The Great White Throne Judgement
  • 21:1-22:5 Eternity In The New Heaven, Earth And Jerusalem
  • 22:6-21 Final Reminders, Blessings And Curses

Memory Verses

  • Revelation 1:3
  • Revelation 1:17-19
  • Revelation 2:4–5
  • Revelation 2:10
  • Revelation 3:5
  • Revelation 3:15
  • Revelation 4:11
  • Revelation 5:9-10
  • Revelation 6:9–11
  • Revelation 7:9–10
  • Revelation 8:3–4
  • Revelation 11:3
  • Revelation 12:11
  • Revelation 13:10
  • Revelation 14:6–7
  • Revelation 15:3–4
  • Revelation 17:14
  • Revelation 18:20
  • Revelation 19:11, 16
  • Revelation 20:6
  • Revelation 20:15
  • Revelation 21:3-4
  • Revelation 22:7

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