Weekly Mind Dump: Flat White

✪ The holidays are over (for now) and everything is getting back to normal! Most people are back in town now. Attendance was up Sunday because of it!

✪ Praise the Lord, we had one new member join this past Sunday. Also, we had a few first-time visitors and another family ask me about joining. Pray with us as the Lord leads them.

✪ On Sunday night, two people who we have worked with for a while (but still haven’t made decisions) said they think Jesus is probably the best way to know God, but He might not be the only way. They still have a long way to go, but they have made a lot of progress. Please pray for their salvation.

✪ We were tested for TB this past Saturday, and we will find out the results this afternoon. We have had the same health problems since June and can’t seem to shake it (even after several antibiotics). A Chinese friend was being tested for TB, and I looked up the symptoms, discovering I had most of them. A CT scan did reveal the I have major irritation in my lungs, so something is going on, but not sure exactly what. As always, your prayers are appreciated for our health (the whole family seems to have something similar).

✪ My online research revealed that: “Tuberculosis is a major public health problem in China. China has the world’s second largest tuberculosis epidemic (after India)…” Maybe the is why our city has a “Tuberculosis Hospital”. Children here have to get a vaccine for tuberculosis, something we don’t do in America. Our middle child who was born here got it, but it didn’t take.

✪ Flat White, yummy.

I have made my Revelation sermons available online in both Chinese and English. You can download the PDF on the “Docs” page.

✪ God is so good to me!

✪ I am enjoying going through Matthew and Galatians. It is hard to believe I get paid to do something so fun.

✪ We are planning on doing a movie night and a Halloween party of some sort to try to reach new people. Pray for the gospel to continue to go forward!

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