Weekly Mind Dump: Not TB

✪ The CT scan showed that it possibly was TB, but the skin test came back negative. So we are cleared of that for now.

✪ We were sent to another clinic. After examining the CT scans, they concluded that we needed to get on a strong antibiotic via IV. So we spent five days going into the clinic to be administered medicine via IV. It helped, but we are still taking other medicines. Please continue praying for us.

✪ We had a movie night Sunday night, and it was a success. Over 30 people came and participated. Several new people.

✪ My mother-in-law’s coming in to town today. She should be close to landing in our city by the time this update goes out.

✪ Thinking about buying a car in China? The difference between using public transportation and having your own vehicle to get around town is night and day. I remember both times we didn’t have a car and then both times we had (have) a car very clearly. Especially with children, it eases the stress of living life in China by a hundred-fold.

✪ Since we had our third child, we have always had a car. I didn’t realize that we now surpass the max amount of people allowed in a taxi. Since they are putting pressure on the taxi drivers to obey the laws, they can only take four people at one time…my family has five!

✪ Not only does a car relieve the stress of living in China, but it enables you to do so many of the things that you are incapable of doing without it. It allows you to see the city from a whole different perspective. You can go to so many places you never went before. Places you didn’t even know existed. You are limiting your possibility by not having a car.

✪ I gave up Facebook a while back, and I haven’t regretted it or missed it at all. It has helped me focus. You realize how much time you waste. I know all the benefits of having it, but I promise you I have enjoyed all the benefits of not having it much more.

✪ As a missionary, if the culture you are living in doesn’t use Facebook, then consider not using it. I know technology has advanced and this kind of think is supposed to help us, but I think it often hurts us staying in touch with the American rat race instead of focusing on our new culture and surroundings. If we are not careful, we can know more about a person we never met (random FB friend) than the person across the street we left America to try to reach. It is okay that you aren’t “in the know” about American culture anymore. (You might find happiness if you left the sadness behind.)

✪ Try to get off Facebook. Have withdrawals. Wonder what you did before Facebook. Eventually find out. Get busy. Happiness restored. The end. :-)

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