Weekly Mind Dump: Halloween

✪ I learned something really important this week: If there is no agreement on what “right and wrong” are then there is not sense in arguing.

✪ Christmas is already showing up here. Since they obviously don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here, the merchants commercializing the holidays skip ahead to the next holiday! But I love Christmas, so it is okay.

✪ Recently Read: The Facts on Halloween (The Facts On Series) – This short book helped with some of the information I was looking for, but I didn’t enjoy it and didn’t found myself answering the “rhetorical questions” opposite of what they would answer them in the book. The logic didn’t seem to make that much sense, but I understand the viewpoint they are trying to get across. From the book: “In conclusion, Halloween, poltergeists, witchcraft, and spiritism are all closely connected. This means that however innocent Halloween may be at one level, at another level its innocence is lost altogether.” [1]

✪ We had a good turnout for our Halloween party on Sunday night! Over 50 people came out, and we had a fun family friendly activity. In the end, I told them the reason that we have so much joy is because we know Jesus, and He changed our lives. Each child also received a tract in their candy bag.

✪ This month marks the official first year anniversary of the church here. We are having a special friend day for the first service and the Lord’s Supper in the second service. Please pray that we will have visitors on Sunday and that we can clearly present the gospel to them.

✪ We had a great time with my mother-in-law while she was here. The girls were sad to see her leave. She is a great example of serving.

✪ We started a guys’ hangout on Friday nights. It has gone well. There are two guys who I think are close to making a decision. Please pray for them.

✪ I was “rebuked” recently about why I am wrong about the prohibition of women pastors. It is simple….you see… all English and Chinese translations are wrong. The translators deceived us by their misunderstanding of the original languages. (Seriously!)

✪ I preached on being salt and light Sunday from the Gospel of Matthew. It was a needed reminder of a responsibility to spread the gospel and impact the world around us!

✪ We are helping our teammates make plans to come at the beginning of the next year! We are excited about them coming. Please pray with us, that God will raise up more Chinese and American labourers!

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