Weekly Mind Dump: The Proud Made Humble

✪ Yesterday, after the second service a working man in his late twenties knelt on the chair he was sitting and confessed his pride to God and begged for forgiveness. He stood up with forgiveness and knowing that he was now a child of God! Praise the Lord! God is so good!

✪ He is one of the guys that I asked you to pray for. Thank you for praying!

✪ We will probably baptize next week.

✪ This was a great end to our anniversary Sunday at church. We are thankful for God giving us one year since we officially organized as a church.

✪ Each week we are seeing more kids come to the kids club on Sunday morning as the word is spreading.

✪ The new English corner outreach (about an hour away) isn’t working out as we hoped, so we are canceling it until further notice.

✪ We had several unbelievers in our service Sunday, please pray for their salvation!

✪ Our middle daughter decided the she speaks Chinese now and just talks away in Chinese.

✪ Our oldest daughter has started learning to write characters in school.

✪ Our youngest daughter is just a rascal who thinks she owns the world. :-)

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