Weekly Mind Dump: Stuffed!

✪ We had a great Thanksgiving, and I hope you did as well. My wife prepared an incredible meal, a feat she did almost single-handedly, and we enjoyed it with friends. I am stuffed! (And thankful for a wife who can cook!)

✪ We also had a great Thanksgiving outreach at the church on Sunday morning. We had over forty people attend and a great number of people participating in bringing food to share. I preached a salvation message answering the question: “Do you matter?”

✪ After the meal on Sunday, we gave anyone who wanted to a chance to give thanks. Several who gave thanks said they weren’t Christians yet but they are thankful for the church and are learning more. One girl who has come for a long time now, but hasn’t made a decision, asked us with tears in her eyes not to give up on her and to keep helping her. Please pray for their salvation.

✪ We had a decent turnout for the movie night, with a couple young unmarried couples coming. Everyone seemed to enjoy the film. We will discuss the topic of marriage next week in our English Corner.

✪ My wife is doing an excellent job leading the kids club and teaching the older kids. Our teammates are doing a great job with the younger children. We are hoping to do a Christmas outreach with the kids if everything can come together by the end of the month. Please pray for this.

✪ We are starting to send out my sermons or written messages out on a favorite social media that most people use here. We are hoping that it will encourage believers and also reach those who aren’t willing to come to the church. We have over 200 people that are signed up and will start receiving them.

✪ About to be finished with my study through Galatians, although I will still be teaching it for a few more weeks. We will turn the English and Chinese sermons into material that others can use. I was thinking about doing Jonah next.

✪ There are several books available in Chinese that I haven’t read, so many of them are making my reading list now so I can see if I can recommend them or not. I would like to purchase several books for our library at the church and also to give out to our members to help them grow. If you would like to help give towards this, please let me know.

✪ We are still trying to raise more personal support. Please continue to pray for us about this and consider partnering with us.

✪ We are looking forward and planning for some short-term trips coming next year. If you are interested, please let me know. God bless!

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