Confessions of a Missionary (2 of 3) CPM-Church Planting Movement

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A year later, a year after starting to live boldly in China, my friend had a new perspective. He had been told about CPMs and taught about them and even had to train for them, but his fearfulness hindered any movement taking off. Now, he has a new perspective. Now, he isn’t just trying to stay in the country, but he is attempting to see God do a work no matter the cost. God has done a work in his life and is using him in great ways. I pray that you will allow these posts to encourage and challenge you to live boldly for Jesus, no matter the costs!

It has been over a year, and our church is growing. It still doesn’t have a full-time Chinese pastor, but we believe it will soon. We still hope to create the right environment/DNA for a CPM to take place. We feel more capable now that we are no longer living in fear. Will we get booted from China? That’s in God’s hands. Will God’s seed be abundantly sown? Definitely!

Below is a list of the 11 common factors of a CPM.

Worship in the heart language. (Check)
Church services are in Chinese.

Evangelism has communal implications. (Check)
Most new believers believed partially because of their initial training in the firm foundations curriculum and strongly encouraged to start a Bible study with unbelievers using the same material.

Rapid incorporation of new believers into the life and ministry of the church. (Check)
We always find ways for people to serve using their gifts or help them cultivate their gifts to the point of service. All men are consistently encouraged to preach and give their lives to full-time ministry.

Passion and fearlessness. (Check) As stated above. [last post]

A price to pay to become a Christian. (Check)
Parents sometimes disown their children for their new found faith in Christ. One of many examples.

Perceived leadership crises or spiritual vacuum in society. (Check) Thanks to the Chinese Government eradicating religion in China most people do not have faith in any god.

On the job training for church leadership. (Check), Every Sunday’s second church service is reserved for people training to be in the ministry for example preaching or leading music. Also everyone is strongly encouraged to start evangelistic Bible studies outside of the church.

Leadership authority is decentralized. (Yes and no) We strive for healthy balance between decentralized and centralized authority based on biblical principals. The larger we get, the more decentralized we will become. For example as we get more people trained and stepping into leadership positions of, activity director, music director, we chat manager, Children’s minister, women’s minister, etc. it will naturally and organically become more and more decentralized.

Outsiders keep a low profile. (Check) In the model and assist phase of the model, assist, watch, and leave(MAWL) method it’s hard to keep low profile at first, but as people step up and take over it is evident that our presence will no longer be necessary.

Missionaries suffer. (Check)
Missionaries have suffered. We have not yet but are willing.

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1 thought on “Confessions of a Missionary (2 of 3) CPM-Church Planting Movement

  1. Nick

    Not every Christian is called to preach, although all are called to be witnesses of the work of grace done in their lives. Surely any Christian that still has any saltiness can teach the Bible at some level.


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